Maria Duval - Everything vibrates

It is already a scientific fact that everything in the Universe is vibrating. Deep down into the sub atomic level, scientists learn that each atom - the building block of the Universe, has energy, hence everything in the Universe is part of an immense unified field of energy and intelligence.

Which means the only unique source of energy and it is the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe" which is the beginning of all things existing and every creation of the Universe.

Maria Duval agrees that we too, as human beings, are bits of pieces of this huge and unregulated intelligence field. This intelligence and the energy that goes round inside us are similar to the power that rules the Universe.

Everything forms part of an unique whole to which we are all linked. This means in terms of divine magic we repeat that "everything is one".

Matters like money or luxurious material things and humans are just energies that takes another form and this is determined by the rate of the vibrations. And this is precisely the reason why it is possible to attract money. Due to the vibrations, we are in fact interlinked!

Also, modern scientific researches have shown that each physical particle is a form of energy vibration called "wave function". This is what ancient sages have been knowing all these passed centuries. It is this that makes our physical bodies work, our hearts beat, bloods circulate, all without us having to think about it.

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