Do not blame others for own misfortunes

Many people are experiencing a lot of hardship and failures in life and Maria Duval thinks this is because they are lack of the understanding of actual universal principles that control successes in life.

I guess you have probably heard people you meet complaining and whining about the unfairness of life that bites them hard in reality. The more they talk about, the more hardship seems to come into their lives. The common factor is to all these kind of complains is that people blame others rather than themselves for own misfortunes.

A thing that is sure of is that, most of the time, they are in the dark about the fact that they are victims of the so called "self bewitchment". This means they bring negative forces into own lives by releasing negative thought patterns in to Universe.

Maria Duval has taught me that there is a sacred spiritual law that governs all which says that like energies are attracted. This also means negative energies that go out will bring back even more negative energies into own life. As a result, there is a spiritual obstruction that curbs that positive events from being realised in their lives. How sad that is, isn't it?

All these misfortunes are therefore results of own follies for continuously accumulating a lot of negative energies into own life.

Maria Duval says it is very important to know this principle even if you think you are a very positive person.

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Mar 22, 2008Maria Duval complaint

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i recieved my ring of re from maria duval and it was said to bring good luck but i have had the worst luck since i put it on my fringer. wed my lawnmower was stolen, thur my stove caught fire and fri my home was broken into. lets put it this way with the bad things that happened i broke the ring off my finger and put (my bad luck) in the trash. now i keep getting letters that asking for money to get my so called good luck. if she could see my future she would see i am a single mother without a lot of money to send to her.

Mere T. said...

Hi there,

You can always ask for a refund if the product does not work out! Not all of Maria Duval's services work for me too, and I simply ask for a refund which she duly processes for me. So how can she be a scam?

I am sorry to hear your story but do refrain from blaming others for your own misfortunes.