Maria Duval on Psychic communication

Psychic linking is a natural talent most of us possess. You can call it extra sensory perception and there are scientists who have proved that ESP truly exists in us. The only question is how to increase ESP power after acknowledging its existence.

Firstly understand that these psychic powers in us are drawn from a natural source of energy that is prevalent everywhere. The easiest way to connect to this source of psychic energy is by meditation which builds the psychic energy up in a person.

So the next step after meditating to do another meditation to cleanse and balance the energy centres of a person's body known as chakras. Maria Duval also teaches people how to cleanse, balance and harmonise our seven chakras. Through this activity, one can increase psychic communication.

Another way in how to improve your psychic communication is mental attunement. Here you are involved in centering your awareness to reach out to the Cosmic universal energy and intelligence through your higher self called inner guide.

As you begin doing readings, be sure to guard your thoughts so that you don't fall into the trap of believing you have special powers, everyone possesses psychic powers it is their choice whether they acknowledge them or not.

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