Maria Duval - the "high invisible wall" blocking us

Maria Duval thinks that since your early days as a little child, you have been influenced by many bad negative remarks thrown in your directions by your friends, even families and teachers. The fact is, you just have to let these grievances go and do not blame them as it is not their fault at all.

As a result of these negative remarks, somehow, you are led to believe that they are true as you grow up. It has affected you in terms of mental development and behaviour, all without you know it. The cycle goes on and you are also responsible for sowing negative remarks on other people. Maria Duval knows this is done unwitting and is "part of growing up". There is not much harm involved but your probably don't realise that what you were doing to others inadvertently are actually the causes of presumably poor states you are in today.

But what Maria Duval wishes you to understand is that this negative remarks and pessimistic attitude towards life have gradually separated you from the gifts you have received at birth which is the great level of intuition that was so powerful that every child can be said to have clairvoyant and psychic abilities.

Through years, these negative attitudes have resulted in layers of "invisible walls" stacking higher and higher, until this "wall" virtually obstructs positive energies that are coming your way.

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