Maria Duval - Money as Energy

The more you develop your sense of personal worth, the higher and greater evolution on the spiritual level, and the more prosperity will smile and take care of you. When this happens, you will be inside a magic cycle where your money will attract even more money.

Maria Duval points out that the proof of this is that all the Initiates and spiritual Masters lead a bountiful life and existences. They have a particular attitude towards money, which is a mindset and it is a spiritual mindset. In this mindset, money is not earned by working, but money gets attracted to you naturally!

For as long as you see money purely as a material thing, you will always be afraid that you won't have enough of it! You can't think of money as a gift from the heaven as this makes you too anxious to receive it!

Money is an energy and it must circulate. It is there to be shared and a manifestation of love. It is also a form of universal cosmic energy "condensed" into matter.

Maria Duval says that to understand how money can flow to you easily, you have to understand that it is actually a reward for a service given. Hence the word service is used in its broadest sense.

It also concerns both service you do to yourself by honouring your divine nature, by valuing and respecting yourself, and the services you render to others, in terms of help, sharing and compassion.

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