Maria Duval - Money is Spiritually Divine

It is essential that we need to identify the right kind of attitude towards money and regard it as an energy force that we have to learn to master it here in this world. Remember that it is closely related with personal worth and self image.

Using money correctly doesn't mean rejecting it but rather using it differently, in line with your personal worth.

Money is Spiritually Divine - Maria DuvalMoney influences us in every stage of our life. During younger days, we use money to satisfy our needs for more materialistic items. As we grow up, we start to plan for milestones in life like study, marriage, career, and family. Money is needed for each of these stages in life. While we get more stable in life, we pursue more idealisitc goal like political, religious, ecological or other. And we spend more time working towards those goal.

Maria Duval says that during the first phases of use, we spend money on purely material aims, the majority of people stay at this level of awareness of money energy; they "stagnate" in their evolution and this is why they are incapable of developing a wealthy and prosperous mindset.

When you understand the fact that money by its very own nature is "divine" and the owner is the one who gives it the life, the precious power of spiritual awakening will be automatically activated. Through this activation, other inert aspirations in us will be aroused and we will start looking at money with a new angle.

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