Maria Duval - Friendship

We are social creatures and all of us cannot live alone, or elsewhere live would be very miserable. We all need a family and friends to socialise with. Friendship is one area which affects how your life will be, the quality of life you lead. Having a group of buddies and friends brightens our lives, especially when there is a common interest being shared. In this friendship circle, you give and you receive in return to maintain a balance.

Maria Duval Friendship
Some people find new friends easily when some find it tough. A person with powerful personal magnetism can certainly help you attract more friends and contacts. But to create a fruitful friendship, one needs to do more to maintain this harmony. Certain attitude needs to be adopted.

Maria Duval points out that firstly, you need to forgo a tinge of egocentricity that makes you want to impose your own ways and views without respecting others around you. Trying to force your own ideas on your group of friends and think that you are the leader of the group is a deadly sin when it comes to friendship.

Every person has a value and belief and wants it to be recognised. Similarly, you also have your own belief system hence to force your own beliefs on others will create disharmony. Therefore you must be prepared to accept other people who have different values from you. Respect is very important as you can see. If you are a true friend, you will offer advices, not imposing on others to adopt your mindset.

Someone being a friend to you does not mean you can have the approved authority to impose your ideologies on the friend. Also always remember that all negative feelings will weaken your magnetic power and could end up getting it destroyed forever.

Remember, in a friendship, do not try to get all the limelight, do not embarrass friends purposely, do not spread rumours, and have respect for each of your buddies.

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