Personal Magnetism

psychic maria duval magnetismThere are many natural phenomenons which are invisible and untouchable. Magnetism is one of them. It has been confirmed by scientists that Earth is a giant magnet that is why there are North and South poles.

Psychic Maria Duval states that this invisible force of magnetism, which exists in all forms of life, consists of radiations given off to different degrees by your body, your look, your voice, your thoughts and even by your mere presence. You can even learn to intensify these mysterious radiations, to focus them more and to channel them.

There is a saying "this person has magnetism" and while the meaning is self-explaining, there is scientific backing to such a statement. Maria Duval says, the behaviour of anyone who has enhanced his magnetic potential in this way is consequently changed. His personality and ideas assert themselves naturally, he shines, he adapts and he succeeds. Outsiders say he has that luck! Through this it could be said that luck could be "learned".

But in order to adapt swiftly and smoothly to situations and to people, you need to be aware of the problems posed by them. Clairvoyant Maria Duval relates that your energies must be gathered together and directed towards a single precise aim, catalysed by the ambition to succeed, to find a satisfactory solution.

Finally, Maria Duval concludes if you can combine these three elements - awareness, energy and ambition - this will give you powers of projection, i.e. "magnetism" and this magnetism will radiate over everything around you, have a favourable influence on it and open the doors to success.

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