Maria Duval - Luck and Chance

It's a fact that people often compare their lot in life to that of someone more successful and come to the conclusion that “they have no luck”. I wonder why is this so? Is it in our human nature?

I feel this is a particularly depressing thought, and all the more so, since thisMaria Duval - Luck and Chance
person will believe some people are more "favourable" to luck, and succeed in life thanks to some influence from external "forces" that are mysterious...

Not to be disheartened, Maria Duval believes that everyone has luck in one area or other: that's the: Law of Destiny.

Unfortunately, many people, not understanding how this Law works, allow their lucky star to pass them by, without making the most of it. Luck is the opposite of random chance, the other side of the coin.

Maria Duval says all you have to do to have luck is to want luck, because by virtue of an infallible Cosmic Law, as soon as you ardently desire something, from the moment you start to take action to obtain it, luck will smile on you.

From that moment on, luck will conspire to surround you with the situations and elements you need to obtain the result you desire. Chance, on the other hand, is about waiting with your arms folded, for things to work their own way out; that may happen, or it may not. But, if you want to make a project happen, whatever its nature, you should remember that as soon as you set to work on it, luck will necessarily and inevitably provide you with the conditions, the opportunities and the elements you need for it to be successful.

Luck is Providence at the services of the Divine Work of Creation, of all

Maria Duval states that there are many different ways of approaching the problem of luck. She advises to turn to Astrology or Magic (wearing a Talisman, for example) and practising spiritual self improvement. Yes, there is indeed room
for many remedies and methods, some more powerful and efficient than others,
depending on the situation.

All this is perfectly appropriate and correct.

Be lucky always!

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