Maria Duval - Power of Chakras

First of all, itʼs important to remember that the Universe is pure energy: everything in the universe is made of energy and it is this energy that creates the shapes and essence of what we call ʻrealityʼ.

This energy, which consists in a single, immense ocean of vibrations, is embodied in a myriad of forms of existence and links them together: a rock, a wave, a flower, an ant, a shirt in your wardrobe, or you yourself.

Life, then, is made of one, single ʻraw materialʼ, in a constant state of flux, which comes into being to flourish and transform. Everything is, in fact, interconnected and forms one single thing. By using the chakras, this omnipresent and inexhaustible universal cosmic energy can be used to fulfil our needs.

Mankindʼs vital energy system was designed to allow us to express the divine part we all possess. Because Man, made in the image of his Creator, inherited the power to himself and become the creator of his own destiny!

The term chakra refers to an esoteric tradition that dates back several thousand years: that of the Rishis, the sages of Ancient India. Through strict asceticism and the unfailingly rigorous practice of meditation and Yoga, these great Initiates succeeded in penetrating the “veil of appearance” and the great mysteries of the Universe.

Their extraordinary psychic powers granted them access to the secrets of the Cosmos. In particular, they were able to influence the universal cosmic energy according to their desire, and this meant that they could perform a number of amazing feats, such as travelling mentally through time and space, commanding natural forces (wind, rain, storms, harvests, etc.), attracting luck and fortune, future divination and mastering the arcane secrets of destiny.

Highly versed in the occult sciences, the source of the greater part of their magic powers was their knowledge of the chakras, the seven vital energy centres present in every human being.

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