Maria Duval - Our Aura and Luck

The Law of Destiny states that human beings are ʻlinkedʼ naturally to Providence and all its benefits, at the exact level of the Aura.

That means when one's aura is weak, luck will tend to remain beyond one's reach, regardless of the means to achieve it. Maria Duval states clearly that for those of us who have little or no luck it is simply the case that their Aura, which regulates and governs the major centres of Life and, more specifically, their personal luck, is ʻimbalancedʼ or not functioning properly.

Itʼs important to remember it is possible to have a balanced aura that radiates vitality.

Maria Duval writes that our aura is certainly a deeply enigmatic concept Maria Duval - Our Aura and Luckwhich has always had an impact on mankindʼs consciousness. Depicted symbolically as a golden ring around the head of Christ, the Saints and sometimes the Angels in classical art.

Even those who have an interest in esotericism in general tend to know little about auras. There is a lot of misinformation and trivialisation of the phenomenon, to the point of the simplification and distortion of the facts.

The aura is all too often explained in a misleading, generalised fashion, merely mentioning the meaning of the colours, while it is, in fact, a complex phenomenon and as unique as the individual that is its source.

In fact, it is only through gaining insight into subtle anatomy that human beings can understand the phenomenon of the aura in sufficient detail.

The Aura in fact forms part of our vital energetic system, which also includes the Chakras, the Nadis and the Subtle Bodies. All these elements are interdependent, and closely linked to each other.

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