Maria Duval - Positive Thought and Spiritual Aura

ʻPositive thoughtʼ comes down to refusing to entertain dark, pessimistic, defeatist thoughts – in other words, displaying a minimum of determination and self-discipline as a means of channelling your own mental energy in the right direction.

To give you a better understanding of this type of thought, Maria Duval would like to tell you some facts about the reality of the invisible world.

Every thought that crosses our mind is doubled by the emission of a quantity of energy that is recorded in the universal ether (or astral light). This mental energy, which is coloured by the various refl ections, thoughts, emotions and feelings that drive us, is also ʻprintedʼ on the bio-magnetic fi eld that surrounds the human body, principally in the astral and mental auras.

The intrinsic nature of thought has specifi c impacts: every time we ʻemitʼ a thought, the brain releases a tiny quantity of energy that travels through the atmosphere. This energy is like radio waves, it journeys through the universe and is unhindered by distance or material objects.

One of the functions of the aura is to ʻfilterʼ the energy from the sky (cosmic energy, electrical in nature) and the earth (telluric energy, magnetic in nature).

This energy is ʻconvertedʼ into a force that the body is capable of assimilating, through the chakras, which serve as nerve centres. The aura, then, acts as both an energy deposit and a ʻprotective bubbleʼ.

Our ʻmindsetʼ – our mental attitude or state of mind – conditions our life in many different ways, but the guiding principle is quite simple:

– ʻdarkʼ thoughts, in other words, thoughts fed by negative emotions or feelings, such as fear, jealousy, anger, sadness, disappointment, doubt, etc. generate a build-up of negative energy in the auric egg.

This upsets the smooth functioning of the chakras and blocks the circulation of the universal cosmic energy. The person, who has lost the ʻconnectionʼ with universal love, light and wisdom, fi nds it very diffi cult to feel the divine part that exists within them. The result is that, without even being aware of it, they attract unfavourable situations, problems and trials of all

– ʻluminousʼ thoughts on the other hand, rooted in positive feelings or emotions such as love, compassion, loyalty, devotion, joy, enthusiasm, etc. saturate the auric egg with positive, creative, nourishing energy. The chakras then produce energy that is highly conducive to spiritual evolution, because the individual is in communion with their surroundings and the whole universe.

The result is that the person will be at peace with themselves and enjoy harmonious relationships with others; luck will become their loyal ally and every problem will find its solution.

Success, achievement and prosperity will be part of their life.

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