Allow light to flow through your life

Allow light to flow through you rather than fear. It's your decision. Isn't it extraordinary to realise that you can always choose what is good for you? You need to realise that nothing can change until you understand that your misfortune is not dependent on events, but creates them.

Maria Duval says that we tend to think that events which are either fortunate or unfortunate, good or bad occur. In other words, our feelings reflect what happens from one moment to the next. That is why, at this level, when we are unhappy, our first reflex is to want to change the circumstances we believe to be responsible for our unhappiness. We believe that changing the context in which we are suffering will put an end to the suffering.

This has never been and never will be the case, since it is not the event that makes us unhappy, it is our reaction to the event. What is more, you can free yourself from this impossible task, this unbelievable self-punishment which consists of believing that you are responsible for the destiny of the entire universe.

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