How thoughts influence your life

All of us have experienced failure in certain stages of our life, be it during school days, working days or in relationships. If you say you don't have failure, that's a lie I think.

According to Maria Duval, there are three main causes of failure in life:

1. Incorrect thoughts,
2. Harmful emotions, and,
3. Erroneous judgement.

Let me write something about incorrect thoughts:

Thoughts are like the honey sensors in the bees. Bees will relentlessly home in on the nectars of the flowers when it senses there is honey in it. Thoughts are the same too. Thoughts look for targets to aim for.

Many sages understand the meaning of it and have written lines to tell the common people about it, for example,

"People become what they believe themselves to be."

"Success is above all a question of correct mental orientation."

Each thought is like a command in the form of a psychic vibration. The life span of thought, and the effects it has on your life, depends on the energy released at the moment it was emitted just like an intense emotional state emits very powerful thoughts

Psychic Maria Duval fully understands and she has the ability to help you change your thought patterns so that you may achieve success, happiness and abundance. I will write about the other two causes of failure soon.

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