Maria Duval - the effects of wrong judgment

A prejudice is a judgment made in advance, a ready-made and unjustified opinion about a particular person. It is like a sentence passed in the absence of evidence and which is harmful to others because it perpetuates unpleasant rumours. It could be said that for certain people embittered by life, prejudices provide an ideal opportunity for releasing their negativity into lives of other people.

If there is one situation in their lives that people find difficult to accept, it's when they are required to recognise their own shortcomings. For reasons of vanity, some people prefer to blame others by clinging to their prejudices, rather than assuming responsibility for their own mistakes.

Steadfast in the belief that theirs is the 'right opinion', some people do not realise that these false concepts not only harm others but also themselves!! Yes, the fact of unthinkingly adopting and perpetuating prejudices also brings problems into the lives of those who hold them.

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