Maria Duval - emotions influence your life

Your health, happiness and prosperity depend to a large extent on your control over your emotions. To enjoy life, it is important to have a healthy and constructive state of mind, but it is even more important to generate positive emotions, since they are the real fuels to lead a successful life.

Medical researches done over the years have come to a common conclusion that most illnesses are caused by negative and badly-controlled thoughts and emotions. It is agreeable that 80% of illnesses have a psychosomatic origin, meaning originate from the mind.

These illnesses are caused by negative thoughts. If you continually think about illness or harbour negative thoughts like anger, hatred, fear, jealousy, greed, regret, disappoint or revenge, your body will translate these thoughts into a physical form. Isn't this horrible when you consider this?

On the other hand, positive thoughts can bring you a great deal of fulfilment and that's how Maria Duval can help you to work on that.

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