Maria Duval - more about prayers

I shall continue on Maria Duval's views about prayers.

Maria says that as you concentrate regularly on a prayer, which reflects your thoughts and sincerely expresses your desires, you are creating a healthy habit which has an effect on your subconscious and therefore your destiny.

You also need to train your subconscious by constantly using auto-suggestions.

What does this mean?

In order to succeed, you need to be in good health, have good intentions, develop a strong will, train yourself to be disciplined, orderly and methodical. You may also like to improve your temperament.

Thus Maria Duval suggests, you need to implement a programme and stick to it faithfully. Example, you may like to decide to get into the habit of rising early in the morning or doing some physical exercise. Or you might train yourself to think positively, to concentrate, to pray, to consume less substance that are damaging to your health, like nicotine and alcohol. So basically, to behave in all circumstances like someone who is positive, disciplined and in control of themselves.

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