Maria Duval - body posture for good concentration

The third point from Maria Duval for achieving good level of concentration is - Body Posture. Body posture will help you to concentrate because it was developed by men in possession of esoteric secrets from the Far East who have a profound knowledge of how energy circulates round the human body.

You can choose the one that seems to suit you best, remembering that the position you adopt should be a steady and comfortable zone.

Steady does not mean stiff or heavy. Comfortable does not mean soft or languid. You need to be straight without being rigid, firm without being tense, relaxed without being floppy.

If you don't need to use a cushion, simply sit down on a blanket folded in four, or on a mat.

Never wear tight clothes; find ones that are loose and good energy conductors like cotton, silk or wool.

To help you to find your centre of balance in a sitting position, it might be useful to rock your upper body backwards and forwards a few times. Then sway round in circles from the waist, slowly and attentively, first in one direction and then the other.

Take the greatest care over settling into the right posture, because successful concentration depends on it.

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