Maria Duval - positive thinking for life

While meditating, I thought about why most of the people are negative in nature. People are negative even when a perfectly good opportunity to change their life is presented in front of them. They begin to question its validity and legality, not knowing time is an essence and money and that the more the delay, the more they are losing out in life. I know it is good to have the cautiousness of the pessimists, however, we should not apply this mindset to everything that comes our way.

We have been taught since our youth to be negative. I remembered my mom used to tell me pursuit of money is bad and rich men are baddies. That life is unfair etc... We are experts at worry and low expectations. If we think something bad will happen, it will happen some day. We are fantastic at manifesting our own crap. That is the law of attraction at work. That is why I like the teachings of Maria Duval because she preaches people to have positive in thinking as abundance awaits those who have the right mindset.

Therefore, it's important that you start thinking about what you want, positively. Whenever your mind wanders to something negative, stop and think about the good things instead. Correct thinking is thinking about your dreams, goals, and helping other people. Once you have mastered correct thinking, the law of attraction will be working for you instead of against you.

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