Maria Duval - more about prayers

Maria Duval has suggested a prayer to you but of course you can make up with your own words to express your personal desires.

Pray as follows:

"I forgive myself for having entertained negative thoughts about myself or about anybody else, and I am determined to refrain from doing so again."

"I affirm that love, light, harmony, truth, beauty, abundance and security of God are flowing through me, freely and joyously, and I know that I'm blessed and enriched beyond my wildest dreams."

"I radiate love and goodwill towards all beings in the world."

Maria suggests that you repeat this praying out in loud, three times in the morning and again in the evening. As your thoughts dwell on these truths, your ears will be hearing them too, and so you will have two faculties working for your benefits. These truths will penetrate your subconscious.

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