Maria Duval - your psychic power is strong

Psychic power is stronger than physical power. A good illustration to explain this statement is to take the example of a lion tamer. The lion tamer displays his confidence and faith in his ability so much so that even the predatory lion crouches in the corner of its cage due to the supreme positive attitude of the tamer causing it to back off.

Maria Duval says well, to compensate yourself from any lack of physical limitation, make every effort to remain in a positive frame of mind. Have confidence in your abilities and faith in the Universe.

Your destiny is determined by your psychic power, which results from your character which in turn the due to the result of your habits. Your habits are the consequence of the actions you repeated perform.

Your subconscious builds your character. You need to work on it constantly and determinedly. If you want to elevate your life, you need to use your conscious mind to work on your subconscious mind. And it's your subconscious mind that will form your character and your destiny, says Maria Duval.

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