My spiritual resolution

spirituality maria duvalIt's January and now is the month for many people to make their life resolutions for the coming months. That includes spiritual resolution too which can be made on every Monday or first day of each week instead of just being made in January. It doesn't have to be fixed.

What's differentiating spiritual resolutions from normal ones is that the former can be made anytime, and solely focusing on your spirit which can be nurtured in the process so that you feel great all the times.

In normal resolutions, people focus on getting away what they don't want. People usually say, I would like to stop being hot tempered, I would like to stop smoking, I would like to leave the company this year, etc. Most of the time they are focusing on negativities. In law of attraction, it means more negatives will come to you instead, and hence resolutions are repeated year after year.

Spiritual resolutions are different because they are firm commitment to enhance your development or growth. They nurture your spirit. They are positive in state because they are express in what I want to do. So what's different about these resolutions? They're re-worded so that you move for what you do want, which then sets the energy in motion.

I have met friends who shared their spiritual resolutions with me. A friend said she wanted to subscribe to a spirituality themed magazine. Another one said she wanted to join a spirituality group for active discussion, while one more friend said she would resolve to go to the Dollar Store, buy a one dollar journal and commit to writing in it twice a week. For myself, my spiritual resolution is too tell more people about my spiritual growth and my new found positive attitude and what events cause me to change for the better. You bet, a psychic's name will not be missed out. The psychic is of course Maria Duval.

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