Does success depend on luck?

It is very common to link one's success to luck. There are even people who believe that luck is only inherent in a few privileged individuals, like those successful businessmen, big lottery winners or the one guy who marries the prettiest girl around. However, Maria Duval's experience shows that this is a ill-conceived notion out of sheer jealousy for one's amazing success.

Well, the first thing to understand is that all the factors of success and properity are already found in you! It is up to you to "activate" these strong hidden and dormant potential, that is why we have this phrase "the sleeping giant awakes" used to describe a man back with a vengeance.

Your own thoughts regulate and harmonize with the laws of the Universe and once matched, it can really bring you prosperity in your life.

Have you ever studied all those successful people who all have one thing in common, that is, they are full of vitality and positivity. They generate supreme confidence and most importantly, they have tremendous amount of mind power that brings them through the most difficult hours in their life.

So for you to be successful, the first step is to cultivate such mental attitude. You need to plant the right type of "seeds" in your mind today and take good care to nurture this growing seed so that it grows into a healthy tree some day. Then you go on to create more trees so that they form a beautiful garden of verve, confidence and creativity in your mind.

All those who have become prosperous have their own beautiful garden in their minds. They exercise and believe in the beneficial power of positive thinking. Psychic Maria Duval says this is the first step to achieving wealth, glory and success in your life.

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