Giving and Receiving

It is important that we know about the cosmic energy which obeys that law of Polarity. In other words, it turns around an axis of "giving and receiving". So in general, know how to receive is just as important as knowing how to give. Receiving something with grace is an expression of the dignity of giving. People who don't know how to receive are actually incapable of giving. Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin as you can see and deduce. They are two aspects of the universal cosmic energy at work.

Giving and receiving are also not limited to material things. If you can be gracious about a compliment, or somebody's admiration or respect, the implicitly means you are capable of complimenting, admiring or respecting others. An absence of respect, courtesy or admiration actually creates a state of poverty whatever the state of your finances!

So Maria Duval says, open your heart and your mind, practice receiving. Give those around you the chance to give and you will see that they are happy to do so. The way you give will improve, in return.

And as what Maria continues, by distributing a small part of what you earn, or by offering your services, you will open up a beneficial channel for attracting money and good things.

The more you give, there is more space of vacuum created that will draw back even more than you have given - and this is what we call the Law of Providence,"The more you give the more you shall receive".

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