Money is good

The secret of wealth is not really a secret in my own view. There are really a lot of resources about wealth secrets everywhere, in library, bookshops and internet. "Think and grow rich" and "Rich dad poor dad" are two classic books about this topic. Since those ancient times, humans were already fascinated with the dream of creating more wealth and there are a lot of search and investigations done by the occultists in the spiritual world about wealth creation thing. So there are actually some broad rules to practise if you are to bring more wealth to your life.

One of the most important concepts is really very simple. Love money if you want money to fall in love with you. It may sound too simple. Yes but many are doing that in their daily actions. Subconsciously, they are rejecting money. Treat money as something good and sacred, not something evil that brings harm to the world. Stop saying "money is the root of all evils" now! STOP IT!

Maria Duval says we ought to have the attitude that makes us love money without any misguided sense of shame. Do not criticise it.

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