Know where you want to go

Previously I talked about having the right mentality which is so vital to one's overall pursue to be successful and prosperous. Yes, if you have such mindset now, I shall have to be happy for you as you are already very different from the rest of the people out there.

Now, imagine you are driving a car with no destination. You just drive straight down the road, turn left or right at anytime without idea where you want to go. Isn't that very wasteful on the time and the resources? This is exactly the same here in life.

So, what is exactly need as the next step is "There has to be a clearly defined goal which is like a destination of where you like to reach in life!" Okay, say you want to be rich and successful, but have you thought in what form it will take? How do you visualize it to be? The Universe can give you what you want in life, but you need to tell it what you want and need exactly. To be prosperous you need to give your life direction by clearing defining its course. In addition, please set yourself doable TIME FRAME.

Clairvoyant Maria Duval also advises we not to embark on too many goals at one time as that will cause spilt attention of your resources. Attempt on one goal at a time until you reach it, then you jump on to the next one. Of course, do be flexible at all times. Errors are bound to occur, so learn from errors, readjust and continue from where you left.

So at the end of this post, I'll leave you with this powerful phrase for you to repeat and affirm it as many times in a day as possible. Conquer your subconscious for what you want it to be!

"Each day, I am closer to being rich."

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