Banish the past and live to the future

Life is never the same. It is full of happy and sad moments. It also is human nature to seek happiness in different ways, and what better way could be there than to cherish good old memories in the form of photographs and videos. It gives us great joy and pleasure to see and feel how things used to be in the past.

In the past? Do you recall your good experiences from the past more or your bad experiences? Some people just like to dwell into their bad old experiences till their lives are entwined with the anger and disappointments from them. Clairvoyant Maria Duval states that by stirring up old memories too often, especially those bad old memories, we are making a conscious renewed contact with the involutive force of the Universe.

After sitting with the word and it's meaning for a while I realized the power and impact of its real meaning in life. When sorrow or emotional pain is felt, the memories we hold onto are what causes the hurt. So, Clairvoyant Maria Duval wants you to find the will to banish the bad pasts and refocus on something that's inspirational and positive.

Letting go of the memory of the loss and hurt and replacing those memories with new thoughts that are more present moment and more positive focused is an empowering way to heal, embrace life and move on. This is the key that opens your life to happiness and inner peace.

If you think your future will be bad because you have a tragic past, you are basically telling your mind you want to lead a life like that! So, do what Maria Duval says, that is, wipe the bad memories off and start with a clean slate one more time. Treat your mind like a fresh sheet of writing paper and start filling it with all the positive thoughts, harmony and "goodness" in your life!

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