Maria Duval - What are Chakras

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says that the chakras are energy centres in our bodies and are maria duval chakraresponsible for only letting in the energy you are capable of absorbing. The amount of energy corresponds to your level of consciousness (or evolution). The more your chakras open and allow cosmic energy to penetrate inside you, the more you evolve and the more your consciousness expands.

Chakras are invisible so you cannot see them. They transform the various energies that enter a person, and then redistribute them throughout the physical body through endocrine glands, which release their secretions into the blood.

So Maria Duval says:

We can imagine chakras as colored wheels of light, as funnel-shaped energy vortexes, spinning round in a clockwise direction. They have blades like a fan, or petals like a flower, which create the funnel shape as they turn. As these wheels rotate, universal cosmic energy is drawn into the chakras, and then distributed round the body.

Chakras therefore pick up the vibrations existing in the environment. Through their various functions, these energy centers link the individual to everything that is occurring around him, in nature and in the Universe, acting rather like an antenna.

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