Filters of Spiritual Energy

Continuing from yesterday's post, clairvoyant Maria Duval says that we lay down the essentials of our map of the world during the first three years of our life. So during our childhood, from the moment we are born, we tend to create a very limited set of rules for the functioning of the world because we don't feel the need to explore beyond our basic needs for financial, physical, emotional and mental security.

So as a result of some negative mental conditioning during our very earliest years of life, we form our own maps of the world which is based on the three types of negative beliefs. These three beliefs effectively hinders the flow of life energy through the first three chakras, thus preventing the person from finding inner peace and love and being in contact with our true Soul (located at the Heart Chakra).

Maria Duval explains that in terms of energy, this manifests itself through kinds of filters operating within first chakras, which trap the energy in the first levels of consciousness, preventing an opening of the heart which is the gateway to soul.

So as long as these energy filters are present, we remain more or less focused on the first levels of consciousness.

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