Mental "map of the world"

Over times, our behaviour becomes so deep rooted into us and that forms patterns that are repetitive in our daily lives. Since our childhood days, we have been inculcated with a set of rules set by our parents and adults of what is right and wrong. Hence in our mind, there is a "map of the world" which is built on three elements, which according to psychic Maria Duval, are, our need for security, our image of ourselves and the power we have over our environment.

These three elements are closely interlinked and we try to develop them in order to survive or live on. Let me give an example. A kid knows the best way to behave in order to gain affection from parents. The kid will trial and learn from the experiences gained. The various attempts to adapt well to the inherent environment will come together to piece the kid's mental map of the world, or the rules the kid must obey to establish the security and influence in his life.

But its true to say that such practise will lead to a false identity because the kid will "act" in his or her best possible way to gain that affection and this may lead to a buildup of an identity that is not representative of the true character. So, Maria Duval believes that over times, this becomes a mask or a double of the personality. Subconsciously, we neglect our true self, unless we recognise this and make a sincere effort to accept what we truly are.

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