How To Use The Positive Energy Of Crystals

Dynamic crystals enables you to heighten your awareness and feel at one with the Universe. Crystals can capture positive energy waves and amplify mental projection so that your need thoughts are broadcast widely to the Universe. Well, in order to experience this psychic feel, there is a must to purify and synchronise your crystals with your own psychic energy waves. Maria Duval teaches next is to transfer your own psychic fingerprint to your crystal so hat it is filled with your energy and hence remains in permanent contact with you. Therefore, once energised, this crystal now belongs to you and is part of you. It cannot be loaned to another person, even your closest person.

Briefly, Maria Duval advises first of all you need to "programme" this crystal with your own ambition or wish you have and you do this through powerful mental images and positive energy. Next this crystal will amplify this energy and transmit it back to you so that it works to your advantage.

I hope to give more details on that soon.

Have a great time :)

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