Wonders of nature - Crystals

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says dynamic crystals played a major role in the history of one of the world's greatest civilisations - the Atlantis. The people of Atlantis lived about 10,000 years ago on a continent that disappeared due to natural catastrophe. Reseachers said it was volcano eruption and tsunami who destroyed this civilisation.

However, the survivors of the disaster managed to reappear in other parts of the world like Europe, Africa and Mexico and these were intelligent ancient minds who understood the great secrets of the forces of nature. They also knew the power of crystals and hence they were able to control power and success through the crystals.

Making use of dynamic crystals to achieve success is one of few ways the Atlantis were able to develop psychic powers, knowledge and improve their civilisation. That is why psychic Maria Duval advises you to treat the crystals she had sent to you with respect. It is a talisman that receives, condenses, amplifies and emits positive energy. It is an unique natural object with amazing powers. Be blessed that you are one of the people who have a dynamic crystal in your care.

Why is crystal so effective and talismanic? This is because crytal was formed by the forces of Nature in thousands of eons and thus structurally, it is supremely regular and hence energy can be amplified through it and it has absorbed a lot of the earthly energy during the process of formation.

Psychic Maria Duval writes that ancient people used crytal to transmit knowledge and predict future. Some used it to fight wars and get protection. Science has proved that crystals are emitting dynamic waves that oscillates and vibrates. So that is how crystals can attract luck, love and even riches if you used it well.

Cool crystals!

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