Spreading love, peace and joy without reservation

Recently I read in an overseas forum about the case of a Chinese student who is studying in the university of the country whose government offers him very generous package to get his degree there, much "at the expense" of the locals. Obviously there are many overseas student who are offered such terms and naturally, the locals are unhappy about it as they feel their own children have been deprived at their own country.

The story goes to say that this particular Chinese student contracts leukemia in his adopted country and with the help of the university, his family is now looking for donations from fellow students and public there as a lot of money is needed for chemotherapy.

I'm not very sure about the social and political situation in that country but I can tell that there is a lot of displeasure over the huge number of "foreigners" being imported by the government, hence the locals there are actually telling each other in the forum that to donate to this leukemia patient is a "dumb" thing to do, because once he recovers, he will not appreciate their kindness and even snatch a job away from the locals and go back to his own country telling how easy it is to get money in that country! So, many kind locals there are now at a predicament. On one hand, they are kind people but on the other hand, they do not wish to be taken advantage again and again by "pitiful foreigners".

This story gets me thinking. No matter what is the conclusion, I'll still urge the locals there to set aside differences and do something good to a fellow human. This is actually building up good karma for themselves, for their family and for their country. This is the greatest universal love one human can have for another.

Psychic Maria Duval says if we devote time and energy to spreading love, peace, joy and confidence, our lives will actually be happier and radically transformed to a life that is harmonious, magnetic and positive. Most importantly, we will earn that Inner Peace, and, also we may look physically better as we are attracting positive energy!

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