Why do people pray?

Everything in this world and universe vibrates constanly. Hence every object is made up of energy. When object vibrates, it gives out energy. So since living things like us are also made up of molecules, we are also giving out energy and vibrating constantly. The energy we give out is spreading out and into the universe, usually within the terrestrial sphere.

These vibrations are transmitted by our thoughts, words and actions. They influence our immediate surroundings. That is why Maria Duval says the more negative thoughts we have about a person, the more that person will be influenced by our negative thoughts, and causing them problems as a result.

Actually, it is better than we emit more positive thought energy to other people so that it may improve and nurture them. But as you know, people are quick to discredit and slow to give compliments and this is the case in any culture. This quick negative judgment of people tends to give out the effect if making their lives more difficult. The same applies to our words and action.

However, since the entire Universe is governed by the law of action and reaction, meaning each action exerted will receive an equal amount of reaction in certain form, we are sooner or later affected by everything we think, say and do.

That's the reason why we people pray. Maria Duval says it is to suppress negative thoughts and attract positive energy that helps us develop positively and lead a peaceful and harmonious existence.

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