Maria Duval - The Root Chakra

Now I'll write briefly about the seven chakras. First of all I shall start with the Root Chakra or "Muladhara". The Root Chakra is situated between the coccyx and the sacrum, at perineum level in a man, or the neck of the uterus in a woman.

This chakra is linked to the adrenal glands. It is associated with the element Earth and the sense of touch.

Root Chakra connects us human beings to this material world. This chakra channels universal cosmic energy towards the physical plane, and at the same time, it captures earth energy with the help of minor chakras situated the soles of the feet.

We are linked to the "spirit of our Mother Earth" through this chakra. Basic individual needs to do with life and survival on our planet, are the province of the Root Chakra.

If this first chakra is open, it gives you harmony with terrestrial forces and the acceptance of life on earth for its physical existence. It provides the basic stability of us as a higher intelligence and when it is in harmony, it gives you vital earthly energy, creativity, perseverance and the power to assert yourself.

Making a living, having satisfactory financial and material security, procreation to maintain the family blood line, and healthy sexuality are all part of Root Chakra too. Besides, this chakra forms as a base for the higher chakras.

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