Maria Duval - The Fifth Chakra; Neck or Throat Chakra

Now, let me proceed to write about Maria Duval's take on the Fifth Chakra - called Vishuddha or Neck or Throat Chakra. It is situated at throat level, and linked to the thyroid gland, and associated with the element Space or Ether, and with the sense of hearing.

Throat Chakra relates to talking, communication, self expression, creativity, the ability to guide others, and individualisation like developing one's own original characteristics.

Throat Chakra can be said to be like a bridge that links our way of thinking/feeling with our impulses/reactions. It also outwardly expresses the energies/information coming from the other chakras. Through this chakra, we can externalise everything that is going on inside us: our laughter and our tears, our feelings of love and joy or anxiety and anger, our intentions and our desires, our understanding and our perceptions from our inner worlds.

Through Throat Chakra, Maria Duval says it gives us a capacity for inner reflection and to do that, we first need to create some internal detachment.

The throat center allows us to become more and more aware of our own mental and intellectual processes, helping us to see the difference between these and our physical and emotional perceptions. This means that our thoughts are no longer dominated by our feelings or our physical sensations, which would prevent us from gaining objective knowledge.

Maria Duval says that the fifth chakra is associated with the sense of hearing. using this chakra, we can listen to the secret voices of Creation, and we can also hear our own inner voice. We can enter into contact with the spirit animating the voice, to gain inspiration from it.

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