Maria Duval - Heart Chakra; signs of inharmony

Psychic Maria Duval says that if Heart Chakra is not working well, this can manifest itself in various ways: for example, you may be willing to give, to always be there and attentive to someone, but without engaging your heart. Perhaps without being aware of it, or without admitting it to yourself, you are expecting some kind of gratitude and recognition in exchange for all this love and you are disappointed if your efforts are inadequately rewarded.

Or it could be that although you feel strong and powerful enough to share this strength with other people, you yourself are incapable of accepting love from others, of opening yourself up to someone else enough to receive. So you feel uncomfortable with anything to do with tenderness and gentleness. You might have persuaded often goes hand in hand with a puffed out chest, which is a sign of an internal armour, and protection against luck and suffering.

Maria Duval adds that if heart chakra is not functioning that well, that can easily make you vulnerable and dependent on other people's love and affection. If someone rejects you, you are deeply wounded. You would really like to give your love, but because you are afraid of another rejection, you never seem to find the right opportunity, you always end up being even more convinced of your inadequacies. As soon as someone makes a play for your heart, you tend to hide or withdraw, because you are afraid you will get hurt again.

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