Maria Duval - Throat Chakra; Signs of inharmonious functioning

Maria Duval states that if energies are trapped in Throat Chakra, the relationship between the mind and body is upset. Either you have problems reflecting about your feelings and you tend to express your stifled emotions through rather thoughtless actions, or, you take refuge in rationalism and deny your feelings the right to exist. You can only accept certain emotions that have been approved by your own judgement and don't upset the opinions of your loved ones.

Subconscious guilt complexes and anxieties prevent you from seeing yourself or showing yourself as you really are, and from openly expressing your most intimate needs, sensations and thoughts. On the contrary, your try to hide them behind a barrage of words and gestures, so that you don't give yourself away. You won't allow yourself to appear in a position of weakness, and you will do anything you possibly can to maintain the impression of strength. Thus, you put pressure on yourself with your own demands. You sometimes feel that the tasks of life are weighing too heavily on you.

Maria Duval says that this does not rule out you possessing deep inner knowledge, however you daren't live by it or express it, because you are afraid of being judged by others or worried about finding yourself isolated. Free access to the messages of the Soul is blocked, and your faith in your intuitive powers dwindles to virtually nothing.

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