Maria Duval - How to tell if your Brow Chakra is open and balanced?

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says that if your Brow Chakra is open and fully developed (very few people have this condition), you definitely have a great capacity for visualisation and you undersatnd many things intuitively. Your mind, your intellect can concentrate easily and at the same time remain open to all the mystical truths.

Also you become more and more aware that the visible aspects of things are only an image, a symbol through which the spiritual element is manifested down on the material plane. Your mind is full of idealism and imagination. You may realise, from time to time, that your ideas are being realised spontaneously.

As much Maria Duval states that the more your Third Eye develops, the more your mind draws on direct inner knowledge of reality, the more you are guided by a reliable intuition. Your perception of the world changes completely. You break the narrow bounds of the rational mind and your spontaneously integrate all the information you pick up into your fund of knowledge. The material world becomes transparent to you. Your extra sensory perception allows you to directly see the forces at work behind the facade of appearances. Your intuition and your inner vision give you access to all the subtle planes of reality.

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