Cultivate a right kind of mental state for prosperity

The principle is similar concerning whether money, love, happiness, health or luck. Do you know that poverty is a state of mind? People are unknowingly rejecting wealth through their own state of mind. Let's consider some of the common beliefs programmed into our minds since we were young.

This is a common hearing. If you were born to poor parents, you would be always inundated with adult comments that those "big houses" are for the rich men and we are poor men, that is why we stay in small house. Or rich men have the money so we poor men are poor. This may cause the invisible effect of a person being destined to lead a life of poverty.

Another example is if you have poor self confidence and image, you will tell yourself subconsciously that you are not going to make it this life and you are not going to make many friends or lead a good social life.

And finally, if you yourself were not poor, but if you knew people who were, you will have observed how they never improved themselves in life, and you will have programmed your mental computer to believe that he who is born poor, dies poor.

So Maria Duval's advice is to analyse your beliefs and identify any ideas you have about money and material things that seem negative or restrictive to the growth of money and wealth.

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