Get positive affirmation into your Mind.

Treat your mind to this positive affirmation.

"I respect the person I am. I am capable of creating and resolving problems. I excel."

Clairvoyant Maria Duval explains that you may use this example to affirm yourself or you may construct a new personal affirmation, according to what you have happened in your life and what you want to happen in your life. The suggestion is to choose affirmations about positive thinking, self-esteem and success.

Once you have got this new affirmation into your mind, you can continue to devise new affirmations. Declaring and repeating personal affirmation is the fastest and simplest way to program your mental computer and build up the confidence in you.

Maria Duval says that each time you use a new positive affirmation, repeat it three times a day for the next three days, when you are feeling relaxed and unstressed. It is very important that you stay relaxed and unstressed as this will determine your rate of progress.

You will discover that later on, your thoughts will become more positive, and your life will be transformed simply just by repeating these simple words to yourself from time to time, in whatever circumstances and events you are in.

"I am an optimist. I achieve good results."

Remember, "ENERGY ALWAYS FOLLOW THOUGHT", and once you start adhering to the Universal Energetic Law of Creation, you will achieve results. It's all in a person's mind!

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