Open yourself up to Universal Abundance

Let me as you a simple question. Do you feel guilty when you spend some money? How do you feel when you see your monthly bills stacking up on your desk? Do you treat money as a headache in life as you realise you are working hard just to pay off these bills? Is money causing you a lot of woes in life?

Well, clairvoyant Maria Duval exclaims that these are the type of attitudes that keep poor people poor, and perhaps even poorer. She says all of us should think like the Rich, and allow the energy of money to flow towards you.

Yes, all of us are living in a world of plenty and money does try to blaze a trail towards those who have raised their level of consciousness.

A simple mental exercise for you. Close your eyes and visualise a peaceful scene. Then place your negative attitude with a positive one. Say in your mind: "I am no longer (this or that). I am no more (this)....".

Strengthen your re-programming from time to time, both mentally and physically. Mentally by repeating the relaxation and affirmation exercise, and physically by performing some action that clearly illustrates your positive attitude. Some of these actions may seem inconvenient, but after you have done them, you will understand better, like:

1. Offer someone a meal or a drink
2. Pay a bill on time
3. Leave tips to the deserved waiters
4. Buy yourself something nice to wear
5. Make donation to charity or someone begging for money
6. Say something nice about someone's financial success

If you can't make positive gestures such as these without feeling a certain restraint or resentment, it is because you are still blocking the Universal abundance. You also need to carry on learning how to relax, visualise and make positive affirmations.

By constantly doing this, your individual energetic field will be purifued; the flow of energy can circulate freely between you and the cells of your body, between you and others, between you and other forms of energy such as money.

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