Maria Duval - Pendulum Dowsing

Psychic Maria Duval announces that there is a fast way to regain the full use of the power of intuition. And that is simply through the use of a divinatory pendulum which allows a person to grow some inherent qualities like intuition.

As usual, to use this method, what it needs to be done is some practice, as you become more proficient in the usage. Gradually, message sent over to you by the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe will be received by you. It is probably that the Infinite Intelligence has been sending messages to you, and you are not able to detect these signals due to some spiritual limitations most adults have.

That is why pendulum dowsing could be of help to you.

Maria Duval assures you that each human has the necessary qualities to learn pendulum dowsing and all it takes is practise. Pendulum is an excellent tool equally suitable for predicting complex and ordinary events.

As there are only 2 answers, Yes or No, you can see that there is no "maybe kind of anwers" or vague responses. It eliminates your uncertainty by pointing you which way is to go.

All thanks to the fascinating pendulum, you will soon be aware of the cosmic influences that are governing your development and discover the periods when influences are favourable so that you can take advantage of them thus making the best decision.

Pendulum is going to be your best guide in life, more than what you ever think of. It will be like your "Guardian Angel".

Everyone can be a dowser. It is a very easy process. Just use and practise until you feel it has achieve that accuracy you are looking for.

Next time I will write about how to use a pendulum as taught by Maria Duval.

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