Maria Duval - "you are getting warm"

If you are plagued by anxiety, have a hollow sensation in the pit of your stomach, feel drained of energy, tense or nauseous, have pains in your head, chest or stomach, this means that your Inner Guide is warning you via your body: "Beware! Danger ahead!"

Give things some thought and ask your Inner Guide for confirmation.

Take a step in what you feel is the right direction. Make a preliminary decision that does not commit you too much, then observe the signs. I repeat, your Inner Guide never lies to you! If you are on the wrong track, your body will send you even stronger signs of stress! Then you will know where you are.

Maria Duval will now give some more examples of how Inner Guide might tell you are "getting warm".

Everything in your daily life seems to be moving in the right direction without you having to force it, or fight. Other people are kind and spontaneously help you, whether they are close to you or not.

Suddenly solutions appear when you thought you were stuck. You feel more cheerful, more light hearted. Things happen just at the right moment, as though by a stroke of luck. You have opportunities to help those around you. You life has meaning again, and you feel full of energy.

Prompted by all the nice things that are happening to you, you become very beware of your links with your Inner Guide in all circumstances. You are more conscious of the presence of your Inner Guide.

You sense that nothing is due to chance and that you are helping to make your own luck. You are receiving more and more messages from your Guide in all kinds of situations, even when you are just going about your normal business.

When you have a strong intuition in answer to a question, you will feel full of enthusiasm. You discover, or rediscover innate talents that have been buried inside you for ages. Your imagination is fertile and you have a lot of good ideas. You feel confident and sure of yourself.

You are more and more sensitive to those tiny details. And feel you have better luck and fortune now. Suddenly, many coincidences that seem to be guiding you appear. All your sense are in the alert and you experience a lot of sense of intuition which influences your body. Your body feels relaxed and things feel smooth going.

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