Maria Duval - signs of Intuition manifesting

How does Intuition manifest itself? That is an interesting question in my opinion. In short, it could be a recurrent idea or image that keeps popping into your head. It may be a phrase read or heard by chance. Or it could be that someone you know, or even a stranger, gives you the answer without knowing it.

Imagine that you have a choice to make and that you ask your Inner Guide for some help, to find out which is the right option for you. When you awake, you seem to smell an aroma that brings back a pleasant memory. This memory points you towards one choice rather than another. This is a good indicator, a sign, a form of intuition.

Or it could be that just when you are considering one of the choices, you pass someone who has been bad to you. This is a significant coincidence, a sign that you are certainly making the wrong choice. If you are still unsure, ask for further and clearer indications.

You may even have a sudden desire to head to a shop, even though there is no compelling reason to buy anything from there. The instinct to do it is so strong that you have to do it rather than resist it. By accident, you bump into someone for whom you can do a favour, and shortly afterwards, this person introduces you to someone who helps you to solve your problem.

In my own example, recently, something deep inside me kept tucking me to call a long friend whom I have not contacted for more than half a year. I called him, and we met up. From this meeting, now I got to know some of his friends who are dealing in customer service. So right now, they ask me whether I am interested to help them up..

Maria Duval advises that we have to take note of our body signals all the time. IT could be your intuition trying to talk to you or sending message to you. Everyone has intuition remember. It's just how distinctive it is among people. It makes use of your 5 senses chiefly or sublimal messages like your dreams.

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