The Tantric Life Force

I learn from Maria Duval that there is a mysterious class of spirituality called Tantra which originates from India. In tantra, when male and female merge, or 2 objects of opposite polarities combine, there is a new dimension being created.

During this merging, there is a sense of sacredness. One of the best example of polarity merging is sexual union, hence this is a very sacred process which is connected to the life force itself and this life force can be felt by both male and female involved.

This connection lifts human consciousness beyond the physical plane into a much greater field of power and energy. Thus, both parties feel connected spiritually and physically too, from lives, loves and emotions. That is why this process is spiritual and should not be done unethically. However, modern humans are testing spirituality and morality to the limits, hence there is a great devoid of emptiness in human lives nowadays.

Tantra approves to creation of life. It is not a kind of belief but more than a concept of living and acting in unity with the life force.

On this belief, it encourages release than repression in terms of pleasure, happiness and joy. It covers all aspects of living and acts related to living, like eating, drinking, or intimating.

Tantra also covers all forms of creative expression, such as movement, massage, martial arts, the fine arts, healing, and music, and it is through these subtle experiences that makes one appreciates the wonders of own physical body even more as though it is a temple to the sacredness of life force or spirituality doorway.

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