Maria Duval - Best kept secret on Earth

Maria Duval asks, what could it be?

It is very simple and is already inside all of us the living souls. That is to let it go.

This should be something natural. Like an apple dropping to the ground when gravity pulls it when it is riped. We are like a falling apple, and when our days are up, we will be detached from our physical bodies that cannot last forever.

There is a spiritual cycle going on perpetually, acting in accordance with the divine cosmic law. Even the stars in the sky follow this law obediently. Similarly, Maria Duval says, we have to follow the cosmic principles of letting go when the time is up. By this, we will turn our backs to the unhappy times like bitterness, regret, anxiety, worry and many other negative thoughts. When we do that, the nature will take care of itself. This is the best kept secret I am talking about.

So what is there to abandon and let go?

Maria Duval teaches, let go of the part of yourself which is unhappy, which is the negative self of you that attracts sufferings into your life.

So when you are in the path of letting it go away, a higher and wiser side of your in side you, your soul, will automatically "refresh" you and take care of the rest by giving you a key to a new life and erase unhappiness that is building up inside you all these years. Your newly conscious inner being therefore knows what is good for you, because its vision of life is not blurred by the confusions and contradictions linked to your personal interest.

This is truly amazing advice from a psychic.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings Maria.I resived Your leter tuday.i wos all redy to damp on the garbege for beeing alert by your treathing!Sory!

Mere T. said...

Thanks for comment. I am not Maria but just another person who finds her spiritual guides beneficial. What is "treathing"? :)