Maria Duval on Choices

Why do we get unhappy so easily nowadays?

Is it because our world is getting so much materialistic now that people are more selfish as we want to owe more for less effort put in?

That is just a partially correct answer. To put that correctly, that is because we are often blurred and confused with the whole picture and partial picture of the situation. Hence, we don't see everything in full reality, we assume, and we get unhappy or even adopt destructive behaviour.

Maria Duval says, somethings we get a very despondent feeling because of a situation we are in as we believe we are being treated unfairly. She says we should not judge so quickly and get angry over it easily. Very often, things are not as obnoxious as it looks on the surface because we humans make errors sometimes and it is easy to have misjudgement or misunderstanding. So Maria says learns to look from the overall picture as much as possible.

If you look back, too often, we have acted rashly and resulted in regrets due to our actions. I admit it is hard to contain the rage sometimes. Well, do your best and tell yourself to keep cool and calm as much as possible.

Maria Duval states there is always an explanation for anything or actions here in this world. So give personal consent to the lights to flow through you rather than allowing fear to take over you. Ultimately, we are the results of our own decisions made in the past. We should feel blessed that we are higher intelligence always have a choice to decide how our lives ought to be like.

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