Maria Duval - Preparing a space for your Ritual

The most important thing in any magic ritual is the "space" to do the ritual. This space is called "temple" and is the place for you to practise your magic. Maria Duval wants the "temple" to be neat and clean. Of course, this means the place should also be tidy and free from any physical disturbance. Rituals are sacred and it should always be done in calmness, peace and solitude. Disturbances from telecommunications sources like mobile phones, computers and faxes should be kept away too as these are heavy sources of interference.

If the size of your house allows, reserve a private area specially for ritual purpose and for the practise of ternary magic. Sometimes, this is not a luxury, and in this case, a small corner by your bedroom or living room will do. I do not have to say much about allowing space between you and your furniture and other objects.

Maria Duval suggests that as i am preparing for my rituals, I must focus my dedication on what I am going to embark, so that the place I perform the ritual will appear as if I were in a secret temple that is personal to me, and not just in my house. In other words, I mus detach myself from the physical reality of my surroundings, wherever I have decided to practise my magic. The buzz word is, forget everything about me, but move into another wonderful world of magic rituals.

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