Maria Duval on superior Spiritual Life

Maria Duval hopes that we can all try and guide towards making decisions on a taller level by assisting you to realise yourself more. For a higher plane of information always brings you to a better spiritual life, and this in turn brings you to a colourful and enjoyable material life.

As you enhance the height of your inner life, you will find that your mood to situations will vary without effort. The world will seem to go by slower and you will find that what you have experienced was not life, but a PERCEPTION of life. This means the importance and requirements of adopting what Maria Duval terms by an attitude of self-inspection or understanding.

Self-inspection or surveillance keeps you to remain watchful, and this watchfulness allows you to monitor your own thoughts and feelings that come and go through your mind. By checking yourself in this method, you will approve your flair intelligence, your superior flair, to take charge of the artificial thoughts and feelings of your self destroying nature, otherwise, this artificial state will lead to a confusing state of mind and sadness.

Self-inspection also mean you will learn what's inside you, and by understanding this, you will gain a stronger capacity for detachment. Nothing likes the change of the self as much as self inspection, since this hidden vision alone can assist you to know yourself better.

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